About Us

The Regional Center for Studies in Healthy Food, CREAS, is a Food Innovation Center dedicated to the Research and Development of products and solutions in food processing with entrepreneurs, companies and organizacions in the food sector. We are a private, non-profit corporation, co-funded by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONYCIT) and the Regional Government of Valparaiso, area where our facilities are based on.

Since our foundation, in 2007, we work with the support of the universities from the National University Council (CRUCH), such as the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, the Santa Maria Technical University, and the Valparaiso University, in addition to the Agribusiness Research Institute (INIA) from La Cruz, in order to become an excellence technological and scientific center, both region and nation wide.

One of the foundational goals of CREAS lies on the need of strengthening the National and Regional Innovation Strategy in Valparaiso, through developing functional ingredients and producing healthy food that helps positioning Chile as a food power — thus incorporating an added value to the production chain.


To consolidate as an excellence platform, and a national and international model in food products and processes with positive impacts on human health, in order to strengthen the regional R&D&i capacities, improve competitiveness of the productive sector, and articulate a public-private science-business integration.


CREAS must be an excellence interdisciplinary center, and a national and international model on research, development, and innovation in the area of healthy food production, which will become self-sustainable, responding to the needs of the business, public, and scientific communities.

Work Team

The CREAS’ research team is comprised by specialized professionals, process engineers, agronomists, biochemical engineers, and nutritionists, mainly specialized on food processing, bioactive products, innovation and technology transfer. In addition to them, we have expert researchers from the founding institutions: The Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (PUCV), the Santa Maria Technical University (UTFS), the Valparaiso University (UV), and the Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) from La Cruz.

Claudio Elórtegui Raffo

PUCV’s Principal

Pedro Bustos Valdivia

INIA’s National Director

Aldo Valle Acevedo

UV’s Principal

Darcy Fuenzalida O´Shee

UTFSM’s Principal

Joel Saavedra Alvear

Chairman of the board, PUCV representative

Adrián Palacios Vargas

Vice-rector for Research and Innovation of the University of Valparaíso

Patricio Fuenzalida Ramírez

Agricultral Research Institute Regional Director

Erhard Wenzel Rieber

Representative from the productive sector

Evelyn Alfaro Carrasco

Head of the UTFSM’s Chemistry and Environment Department

María Elvira Zúñiga


Macarena Núñez

Agronomist Engineer

Dominique Naves

Project Manager

Alejandro Osses


Gabriela Díaz


Felipe Rojas

Administration Assistant

Nancy Ledezma

Administration Chief

Víctor Muñoz

Project Manager

Caroline León

Project Management Chief

Julissa Santis

Project Manager

Eduardo Caballero

Biochemical Engineer, PhD on Biotechnology.

Alejandra Arancibia

Bióloga, Licenciada en biología, Magister en Ingeniería Bioquímica. Dc (C) en Cs. de la Ing m/ Ingenieria Bioquimica. PUCV.

Carmen Soto

Biochemical Engineer, PhD on Engineering Sciences.

Mauricio Vergara

Biochemical Engineer, PhD on Biotechnology.

Araceli Olivares

Biochemical Engineer, PhD on Engineering Sciences.

Lida Fuentes

Biochemist, PhD. Cellular and Molecular Biology

Agustín Flores

Laboratory Chief

Juan Ignacio Ramírez

Development Engineer

Nicole Gallardo

Laboratory Assistant

John Jara

Pilot Plant Chief

Rosa Arrieta

Senior Analist

Yaritza Cepeda

Laboratory Assistant

Alonso Godoy

Prototype Assessment Chief

Nathalia Fernández


Alejandro Silva

Pilot Plant Technician

Jeniffer Wilckens

Development Engineer

Daniela Bernal

Laboratory Assistant


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