CREAS offers using its pilot plant and a few laboratory equipment, which are operated by professionals from our Center, to develop analysis, research, prototype development, and operational condition assessment, among others. Up to date, CREAS has worked with different food matrices in services, both for companies and academic institutions, which proves its flexibility and ability to satisfy the sector needs.



Edificio CREAS


CREAS is located at the Curauma Campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, on approximately 1,000-m2-own facilities, comprised by two laboratories, two pilot plants, kitchen-lab, offices, and training rooms.


CREAS has two pilot plants with specialized equipment:
Pilot Plant 1

With current sanitary permit for dehydrated products and powder ingredients. Among the main equipment are:

  • Refrigeration chamber
  • Freezing chamber
  • Cryopreservator at -80°C.
  • Liofilizador Piloto
  • Pilot Freeze Dryer
  • Pilot Vacuum Evaporator
  • Infra-red dryer
  • Pilot Marmites
  • Press Filter
  • Industrial Oven
  • Vacuum Sealers for Flexible Packages (Including AM)
  • Vacuum Sealers for pots and trays (Including AM)
  • Tinplate can sealer
  • Homogenizer
  • Vacuum Impregnator
  • Grinders
  • Equipment for doughs (snacks)

Liofilizador Piloto

Secador Spray Piloto

Evaporador al vacío

Pilot Plant 2

Facility in operations since 2018, having the following equipment:

  • Pilot Drum Dryer
  • Pilot Vacuum Dryer
  • Grinders
  • Pilot Conventional Autoclave
  • Pilot autoclave with counterpressure (to be acquired in June, 2019)
Drum Dryer



The experimental kitchen to develop low-scale production, in order to experiment with product flavors, scents, and textures, on a previous-to-pilot stage. In this place the connection between the gastronomic sector and the food process engineering is made. The Kitchen lab has a Rational Oven in order to manage variables when cooking and dehydrating food.

Kitcken Lab

Sensorial Evaluation Booths

Sensorial Evaluation Booths

: Space aimed to perform acceptability tests or comparison of food products developed in CREAS, in order to assess them with customers or potential consumers. A team specialist in the matter is in charge of these sensorial evaluation booths.


Food Analysis Laboratory

CREAS has its own food laboratory to measure nutrients and compounds in them. Furthermore, specific analyses can be performed in this facility, such as antioxidant capacities (ORAC) and measuring other compounds of interest through HPLC.

Microbiology Laboratory

CREAS has its own microbiology laboratory to measure shelf life indicators in food.

Access to laboratories owned by founding partners

CREAS has access to the laboratories owned by its founding partners (PUCV, UV, UTFSM, and INIA La Cruz), in which there are specialized equipment such as Chromatographers, HPLC, Atomic Absorption, etc.

Microbiology Laboratory HPLC Food Analysis Laboratory

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